What is biopharma manufacturing?

Biopharma manufacturing is used here to describe the production of a broad range of medicines that save, sustain, and improve lives. In North Carolina, life sciences companies use advanced technologies and specialized processes to make everything from pills to flu vaccines, cancer treatments, cutting edge gene therapies, and more.

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What is contract research and diagnostic testing?

Contract research organizations (CROs) provide a range of services to support and advance the work of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The specialized services of CROs are critical in preclinical research to assess drug candidates and clinical research to ensure new medicines are safe and effective. Similar to CROs, companies offering diagnostic tests are service based, developing and performing tests to evaluate patient samples. Diagnostic testing provides important measurements for clinical trials and is an essential tool for physicians to confirm illness, develop treatment plan, and even prevent disease.

Careers at a CRO or diagnostic testing company range from working in the lab as a scientist to interacting with patients and physicians as a Clinical Research Associate.

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