Having a master’s degree or Ph.D. opens up a world of possibility in both biopharma and clinical research. People with these advanced degrees are typically in charge of overseeing research and operations, from lab work to quality assurance.

People with advanced degrees will likely touch every aspect of the research, testing, or manufacturing process, based on their role. This gives them experience that can translate to different roles down the road, making it easier to switch careers or concentrations.

In clinical research, an advanced degree may lead to roles such as:

  • Senior scientist
  • Quality assurance director
  • Patient recruitment coordinator

In biopharma, an advanced degree may lead to roles such as:

  • Production supervisor
  • Quality engineering manager
  • Engineer/facilities director

Many universities, colleges, and community colleges across North Carolina have advanced degrees for biopharma or clinical research roles, and many companies are hiring people with this training and education. For more information on programs available, consult the resource guide map.

Master’s Degrees

Clinical Research

Wake Forest University’s online Master of Science in Clinical Research Management.

Campbell University’s online Master of Science in Clinical Research prepares students for careers as clinical investigators, clinical research associates, clinical research coordinators, data research coordinators, project managers, and many other positions.

UNC’s Masters of Science in Clinical Research emphasizes study design and fundamental analytical skills.

UNC-Wilmington’s online Master of Science in Clinical Research and Product Development prepares students for careers in fast-paced clinical trial teams involved in moving new medicines, biologics, and biomedical devices through the regulatory approval process.

Biopharma Manufacturing

North Carolina Central University’s Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE) combines highly credentialed faculty with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to create an unparalleled learning environment. BRITE’s programs include focuses in drug discovery, biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical resesearch sciences.

NC State University’s Biomanufacturing Training & Education Center (BTEC) is a unique, cross-disciplinary instructional center that provides educational and training opportunities to develop skilled professionals for the biomanufacturing industry. It also provides bioprocess development and analytical services to a wide range of customers from academia and industry.

Advanced programs:

East Carolina University’s Department of Engineering offers an advanced degree to prepare students for careers in biopharma manufacturing.

Jobs Requiring an Advanced Degree



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