Medicine manufacturers need you on the front lines.

You’re good with directions. You’re efficient and follow process. You’re on top of the details, looking for the slightest sign of trouble.

Have you considered a career in biopharma manufacturing?

A biopharma manufacturing career isn’t just for scientists. All kinds of people with different skills and backgrounds work at fulfilling jobs in this field. Whether you’re looking to enter the industry or reset your job path, launching a biomanufacturing career is easier than you think.

If you’re looking for meaningful work, you’ve come to the right place.

Success Stories

People just like you have chosen a career in biopharma manufacturing and have found personal and professional success. The next story could be yours.

Job Types

There are many jobs in the biopharma industry that may suit your unique skills and strengths. Some common ones include:

Biotech Career Blueprint Process Technician

Process Technician

Process Technicians typically work in a pharmaceutical manufacturing clean-room environment, operating and monitoring equipment and machinery and documenting results in strict adherence to protocols.

Bio Jobs Hub Maintenance Technician

Maintenance and/or Instrumentation Technicians

Maintenance and/or Instrumentation Technicians conduct preventive maintenance and corrective repair of buildings, industrial systems, and equipment such as bioreactors.

Bio Jobs Hub Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Associates are responsible for reviewing and approving documentation involving all aspects of the production process, such as batch records assuring adherence to current good manufacturing practice standards, and often involving oversight of training records and company quality metrics to meet corporate standards as well as expectations from government regulatory bodies.

Bio Jobs Hub Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control Associates typically work in a lab, testing the products of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to ensure they meet established criteria, so the final product is safe to release for sale or distribution.

Bio Jobs Hub Process Development

Process Development

Process Development Associates/Scientists plan, direct, execute and document the scientific activities needed to develop processes used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Bio Jobs Hub Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Engineers plan, design, install and maintain equipment and processes for manufacturing and testing pharmaceutical products, including cost estimations, ensuring that everything runs safely and efficiently and meets regulatory standards.

Entry-Level Salaries

One of the great things about the biopharma industry is that in addition to offering great job security, jobs also offer competitive entry-level salaries.

Biotech Career Blueprint Salary 1


Average salary for positions that require a high school diploma or GED plus a certificate.
Biotech Career Blueprint Salary 2


Average salary for positions that may require an associate degree.
Biotech Career Blueprint Salary 3


Average salary for positions that may require a bachelor’s degree.

Training Time

Training length varies depending on job type and company, but there are certainly plenty of opportunities to qualify for jobs in a short period of time. Here are some average time lengths to qualify for entry-level positions:

Biotech Career Blueprint 3 Days

3 Day Certificate Programs

Certification program training can range from 3 days to several weeks or up to a semester in length.

Biotech Career Blueprint 10 Weeks

10-12 Week Courses

Some courses take 10-12 weeks to complete.

Biotech Career Blueprint 2 Years

2-Year Associate Degrees

For more advanced training, associate degrees typically can be completed in 2 years.

Biotech Career Blueprint 4 Years

4-Year Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees typically can be completed in 4 years.

Find Training and Jobs Near You

North Carolina has one of the largest biopharma manufacturing industries in the nation and employs more than 26,000 people. Workers of all types — from scientists and skilled laborers to recent graduates or those considering a career change — have found jobs in biopharma. Use the map below to find biopharma training programs and resources in your area.

Bio Jobs Hub Map Marker Gold Biopharma Companies
Bio Jobs Hub Map Marker Blue Colleges
Bio Jobs Hub Map Marker Green Offers BioWork

Header image photo credit: Mayne Pharma / Rob Taylor