Quality Control

Product-orientated problem solver.

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: $60,624

While a quality assurance specialist works on the process, a quality control specialist or associate is primarily concerned about the final product. In this role, a quality control professional will test ingredients for medicines, intermediary products, and final solutions or tablets to ensure it meets quality standards.

Since quality control professionals are often some of the final people to sign off on ingredients and products, they’ll need to be detail-oriented, aware of industry standards, and able to carefully comb through samples.

Main responsibilities of a quality control specialist or associate include:

  • Taking samples of products
  • Creating test solutions
  • Running tests of products or ingredients
  • Documenting and analyzing test results

A bachelor’s degree in a scientific field is often required, while additional courses and relevant certifications may be preferred.

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  • Knowledge of testing and recording procedures
  • Ability to produce detailed written documents for evaluation
  • In-depth knowledge of industry standards


  • Attention to detail
  • Skilled in time management
  • Skilled written and verbal communicator

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