A career making medicines is more accessible than ever and biopharma companies need workers like you.

As one of the fastest-growing industries in the state, biopharma manufacturing has a steady demand for skilled workers in a variety of production roles. Average annual salaries in the industry approach $100K, with entry level jobs paying near $50,000. Companies have announced nearly 3,000 new jobs in 2020, with current companies projecting 5,000 additional new jobs by 2025.

Not all biopharma manufacturing jobs require degrees and there are training programs across the state.

Training is offered through established programs at universities and community colleges, with skilled instructors and state-of-the-art facilities to help you prepare for a biopharma manufacturing job.

Check out our list of career pathways and education tracks to find out how you can start making things that save lives.

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Training Map

The life sciences are constantly growing in North Carolina. The state ranks among the top in the U.S. for biopharma manufacturing and is recognized globally. There is a wide variety of career options in the field. With this continued growth, there is an increasing need for qualified workers.

Proper training can set you on a path to success in a great job and even a career. Using NCBiotech’s map below, you can easily find schools and training programs in your area.

Each program lists the courses, instructors, and facilities you can tap to kickstart your job opportunities. Since training programs are implemented throughout the state, they are widely accessible.

If you’re just getting started, check out community colleges that offer a BioWork certificate. This certificate can open doors to entry-level biopharma manufacturing jobs. Higher-level jobs (with higher pay) are available with an associate or bachelor’s degree. Those programs are also listed on the map.

Take the first step and find training on the map below.

Bio Jobs Hub Map Marker Gold Colleges
Bio Jobs Hub Map Marker Green Offers BioWork

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