Process Engineer

Keeping processes running smoothly.

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: $69,530

Similar to process technicians and development scientists, process engineers oversee systems by designing, controlling, and operating the transformation of raw materials into valuable products.

In order to accomplish this, process engineers assist with the design, operation, and improvement of processes, equipment and facilities for biopharma manufacturing facilities. From the first steps of production all the way through completion, a process engineer continually innovates and creates the necessary procedures for producing commercial quantities of medicine.

Main responsibilities of a process engineer include:

  • Writing specifications for equipment
  • Training equipment operators
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment or process as it is used

A bachelor’s degree in biochemical, bioprocess, chemical, or mechanical engineering, or food science, emphasis on food engineering is needed for this role.

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  • Mathematical and analytical proficiency
  • Knowledge of procedures and industry standards
  • Ability to use technology to create and monitor procedures and equipment


  • Critical thinker
  • Tech-savvy
  • Ability to take charge

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