Manufacturing Associate

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Education: High school diploma/GED, certificate, associate’s degree

Average salary: $46,133

Manufacturing associates keep systems running in control. They monitor the production process and equipment, evaluating and analyzing what they observe in order to ensure efficiency and quality.

Before monitoring process and equipment, manufacturing associates prepare that equipment, obtain materials, and plan the workflow. Since the job can vary depending on your specific work environment, it’s wise for manufacturing associates to be flexible with their skillsets.

Main responsibilities for manufacturing associates include:

  • Monitor all processes and equipment to ensure efficiency and quality
  • Comply with safety and quality standards throughout processes
  • Collect samples, conduct in-process testing, and analyze data
  • Communicate and collaborate with others in the workplace as a means of monitoring processes

High school diploma/GED plus relevant work experience or training is required. Additional relevant community college education including certifications, short courses, and degree programs is often required.

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  • Ability to read and understand technical instructions
  • Ability to operate laboratory and production equipment
  • Ability to carefully monitor production processes and document results


  • Organized
  • Data-minded
  • Clear communicator

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