Problem-solving through biology, computer science, and math.

Education: Master’s degree or Ph.D.

Average salary: varies depending on education

In the clinical research world, a bioinformatician brings a unique perspective to research. Since these individuals are well-versed not only in biology but also in mathematics and computer science, they can bridge the gap between the fields and find potential missing links in research.

Bioinformaticians dissect datasets using algorithms and software, allowing them to analyze research from a new point of view.

Main responsibilities of a bioinformatician include:

  • Assist with the preparation of statistical analysis plans
  • Use computations to analyze datasets
  • Document analyses, create summaries/reports, and present results

While a master’s degree may be sufficient for a bioinformatician role, a Ph.D. is often preferred.

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  • Expertise in algorithms and computer software
  • Knowledge of statistical methods as they relate to datasets
  • Ability to design statistical tests and procedures


  • Investigative
  • Analytical
  • Inquisitive

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Combining biology, computer science, and math to interpret and analyze data, bioinformaticians problem-solve in order to accomplish research goals.
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