Specimen Accessioner

A pro in processing and prep.

Education: High school degree/GED

Average salary: $43,609

A specimen accessioner primarily works on processing and testing incoming specimens, including blood, urine, tissue, and more. In order to do this successfully, these professionals will need to carefully handle both the samples and lab equipment, ensuring everything is properly sanitized, stored, and processed.

Specimen accessioners should have an in-depth knowledge of the samples they handle, as well as knowledge on the best practices for disposing of old samples, labeling and sorting new samples, and properly packing samples to be sent for further testing.

Main responsibilities of specimen accessioners include:

  • Verifying and examining specimens
  • Cataloging and labeling specimens
  • Checking for contamination and properly storing samples

Specimen accessioners should have a high school degree or GED. Additional certifications may be necessary depending on the samples an accessioner works with.

Bio Jobs Hub Specimen Accessioner


  • Knowledge of lab best practices
  • Proficiency with medical terminology
  • Experience with data entry


  • Detail-oriented
  • Attentive
  • Decisive

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