Data Coordinator

A master of all things data.

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: varies depending on experience

A data research coordinator is a numbers-heavy position, with an emphasis on data collection and review. These individuals will create, update, track, and maintain information related to clinical trials, as well as the tools, files, and systems used in the process.

In all aspects of data collection, data researchers also ensure that quality control standards are applied and achieved.

Main responsibilities of a data research coordinator include:

  • Perform technical procedures on trial participants under advisement
  • Maintain and organize appropriate data
  • Assist with administrative work including filing, document maintenance, and projecting scope.

A bachelor’s degree is required for a data research coordinator, while years of professional experience may aid in securing a job or advancement.

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  • Knowledge of clinical data and Good Clinical Practices
  • Experience with database management software
  • Ability to collaborate and manage details


  • Organized
  • Social
  • Methodical

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