Clinical Research Associate

The minds behind the clinical trials.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, optional additional certification

Average salary: $60,331

A clinical research associate helps keep the wheels turning for clinical trials. These individuals will supervise each stage of a trial, selecting a site, give instructions for properly running trials, and closing out the site and paperwork once the trial has concluded.

Typically employed by pharmaceutical agencies or hospitals, clinical research associates act as a liaison during all steps of the trial, communicating between the client, the site, the subjects, and those running the tests.

Main responsibilities of a clinical research associate include:

  • Write trial methodologies and perform risk assessments
  • Ensure compliance with standard protocol in all aspects of clinical research
  • Write and submit reports of findings

Most clinical research associates will need a bachelor’s degree in life sciences or the medical field. Many also pursue a master’s or Ph.D. in order to improve career advancement opportunities, as well as clinical research certifications.

Bio Jobs Hub Clinical Research Associate


  • Complete understanding of good clinical practices
  • Ability to facilitate communication between multiple parties
  • Proficient in organization


  • Logical
  • Confident
  • Meticulous

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